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Learn the simple techniques straight A students
are using everyday to get an unfair advantage
over you in the class room! You will be shocked
to learn just how simple these techniques really
are to use!

I guarantee you that you will learn everything
you need to know about more effective study in
this ebook or your money back!

Dear Friend,

Educational leaders are seeing with increasing
clearness the necessity of teaching students not
only the subject-matter of study but also methods
of study. Teachers are beginning to see that
students waste a vast amount of time and form
many harmful habits because they do not know how
to use their minds.

The recognition of this condition is taking the
form of the movement toward supervised study,
which attempts to acquaint the student with
principles of economy and directness in using his

It is generally agreed that there are
certain tricks which make for mental
efficiency, consisting of methods of apperceiving
facts, methods of review, devices for arranging

Some are the fruits of psychological
experimentation; others are derived from
experience. Many of them can be imparted by
instruction, and it is for the purpose of
systematizing these and making them available for
students that this book is prepare

You Must Learn To Study More Effectively!

The evils of unintelligent and unsupervised study
are evident to all who have any connection with
modern education. They pervade the entire
educational structure from kindergarten through

In college they are especially apparent in the
case of freshmen, who, in addition to the
numerous difficulties incident to entrance into
the college world, suffer peculiarly because they
do not know how to attack the difficult subjects
of the curriculum.

In entering upon a college course you are taking
a step that may completely revolutionize your
life. You are facing new situations vastly
different from any you have previously met.

They are also of great variety, such as finding a
place to eat and sleep, regulating your own
finances, inaugurating a new social life, forming
new friendships, and developing in body and mind.

The problems connected with mental development
will engage your chief attention. You are now
going to use your mind more actively than ever
before and should survey some of the intellectual
difficulties before plunging into the fight.

Give me 15 to 20 minutes and Ill show you how to
get results you can be proud to call your own!

Heres a sample of some of the things youll

That the best way to study for an exam is,
believe it or not, cramming!

The benefits of cramming is that at such a time,
one usually works at a high plane of efficiency;
the task of reviewing in a few hours the work of
an entire course is so huge that the attention is
closely concentrated, impressions are made
vividly, and the entire mentality is tuned up so
that facts are well impressed, coordinated and

How to get a mental second wind anytime you need

Its totally natural for someone to get mentally
exhausted after hours of study and even tho your
brain is telling you to stop, you know you must
keep going, but it feels impossible.... BUT it is
possible to gain a second wind and steal a few
more hours of productive study time out of the
day and out of your body and I show you how.

How to master the art of effective note taking!

Students, as a rule, do not realize that there is
any skill involved in taking notes. Not until
examination time arrives and they try vainly to
labor through a maze of scribbling, do they
realize that there must be some system in note-
taking. A careful examination of note-taking
shows that there are rules or principles, which,
when followed, have much to do with increasing
ability in study.

How to become insatiably interested in any
subject, no matter how boring it is....

I cant get interested in Mediaeval History.
This illustrates a kind of complaint frequently
made by college students. In this chapter I show
you simple techniques that make learning about
any subject more interesting. Its really quite
simple, yet very powerful.

I also show you how to get your body into peak
physical and mental health for peak performanc

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